While we’ve all heard of Portugal’s biggest two cities, Lisbon and Porto, there’s a lot about this country that is much less known. Have a look at a few of our tips below and discover how much diversity and hidden gems Portugal has to offer. 


Évora is situated about a 90 minute drive east of Lisbon and is known for its beautiful historic centre. Explore the charming, winding streets of cobblestones until you get to the Cathedral of Évora. It’s easily spotted because it’s been built on the highest point of the city, looking out onto the centre. As such it offers beautiful views over the city and local landscape! If you’re looking for a unique attraction in the area, definitely pay a visit to Capela dos Ossos, a chapel that’s been decorated with thousands of human skulls and bones.


If you keep following the A4 from Évora towards Spain, you’ll encounter this beautiful little town. Its crown jewel is Forte de Santa Luzia, an impressive fortress you’ll find about 1,5 kilometers outside of the city centre. The town itself also has several historic features, with part of its fortified city walls still intact. Its location away from the big cities and coastline make it a great destination for those looking to avoid mass tourism.

Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede

This national park lies on the border between Spain and Portual and is definitely worth a visit. The rolling hills of this area make for breathtaking views and photo opportunities, alongside great hiking trails. It’s also the location of the Castle of Marvão, a fortress which dates back to the 8th century.

The river Douro

We’ve covered parts of the south, but the north of Portugal also has a lot to offer. Its beautiful scenic route along the river Douro for example, which starts in north-central Spain and ends on the coast of Portugal into the Atlantic Ocean. Follow the river inwards and you’ll encounter beautiful landscapes with many vinyards and little places where you can taste the local Port wine. Pick a few favourites and you’ll have a nice treat for the end of the day while watching another sunset in the midst of this charming landscape.

Good to know

Visa requirements
Not requred for EU citizens
Official language
Currency used
Distance from The Netherlands
2,000 km
Best travel season
All year round
Tour options
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