This great country is becoming more and more popular, so visit it soon! Ghana is one of the most stable and friendly countries of Africa and boasts great beaches, several national parks and plenty more. Have a look at some of our tips highlighed below.


Once the capital of the British Gold Coast colony, Accra is now a cultural and vibrant destination within Ghana. It is situated on the coast of Ghana, making it a great destination for combining culture and city sights with a visit to the beach. If you’re looking for a uniquely local experience, head to Makola Market, a sprawling market full of vendors selling food, clothing and other products. Also definitely pay Bojo Beach a visit. It’s much less busy than its competitor Labadi Beach, making it ideal for those looking for a quieter beach experience.

Cape Coast

After Accra, head to Cape Coast, the home of Cape Coast Castle. This fort was built in the 17th century by the Swedish and is one of the reminders of Cape Coast’s past, as it was once the largest slave trade centre in all of Africa. Enslaved people were held prisoner at this fort before being transferred to locations all around the world. Take a tour of the building to learn more about its dark and terrible past.

Mole National Park

As the largest wildlife refuge in Ghana, Mole National Park is a definite must-see on your tour through the country. Go on safari, where you’ll get the chance to see some of the elephants, monkeys and buffalos that call this park their home. Bird-watching is also a popular activity here thanks to the presence of a hefty 334 different bird species!

Volta Region

This hidden gem is still largely undiscovered by most tourism despite its scenic mountainous vistas, lakes and farmlands. Where is it located? Well, it hugs Lake Volta to the west and the country’s border with Togo to the east. As you drive through it, stop in a few kente weaving villages to see how this traditional cloth is made. The Volta region is also a great location for hiking amidst the lush nature that this region has to offer.

Good to know

Visa requirements
Tourist visa
(valid for up to 30 days)
Official language
Currency used
Ghanaian cedi
Distance from The Netherlands
7,800 km
Best travel season
October - March
Tour options
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