You’ll be spoilt for choice during a tour through this diverse country with its souks, golden beaches and magnificant desert landscapes. We’ve listed a few highlights below. Start planning!


The photo shown you can see above was actually taken by one of our your guides during their visit to Chefchaouen, which as you can see definitely deserves its name as ‘the blue city’! The city is found in the northwest of Morocco and offers the most breathtaking scenes thanks to its strikingly blue streets in the centre. Another sight you won’t want to miss is its 15th century kasbah, a type of fortress that was built to pretect the cities’ local leader.

Ouzoud Falls

Always wanted to see an actual oasis in the middle of the desert? Ouzoud Falls offers exactly that: a lush, green area with several impressive waterfalls. The largest of which is over 100 meters high, making it the second tallest waterfall in all of Africa. The area is surrounded by several little Berber villages and beautiful scenery, great as a camping location. You’ll likely come across some other tourists here but given the uniqueness of this place it’s become quite well-known.


Morocco is really full of surprises. Did you know for example that it doesn’t just has a huge mountain range, but also ancient Roman ruins? Volubilis is a large archeological site found at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, about half an hour’s drive from Meknes. This former Roman city is a UNESCO World Heritage site full of broken, impressive porticoes and the remains of an old basilica dated from the early 3rd century, though this is definitely not the only gem you’ll find here! The backdrop of the Atlas Mountains offers fantastic photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera.


While Morocco harbours beautiful famous cities such as Marrakech and Casablanca, it’s also the location of Africa’s oldest city: Fes. Contrary to the other two cities, Fes sees fewer tourists and offers the most authentic experience of the three. One of its neighbourhoods is Fes el-Bali, a maze-like area full of small winding roads, too narrow for any cars to pass through! While you explore this part of town you’ll pass by countless little stalls, shops and mosques. Be careful not to get lost!

Good to know

Visa requirements
Not needed for stays under 90 days
Official language
Currency used
Moroccan dirham
Distance from The Netherlands
3,050 km
Best travel season
spring and autumn
Tour options
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