About us


What we do

Our concept is simple: providing organized, guided tours, whereby travellers use their own means of transportation. Our years of travelling experience, extensive knowledge on hidden local treasures and 4×4 expertise allows us to create bespoke, fantastic experiences.

our team

Our small travel team consists of two tour organizers that specialize in travel through Asia, Africa and Europe by 4×4 and campervan. While based in The Netherlands when they’re not on the road, they’ve done numerous trips throughout the years. They’ve driven home from Singapore, a journey that took over 5 months, and have done multiple trips from Europe to Ghana and from Europe to Kyrgyzstan, creating unforgettable and unique memories.

When travelling, they value safety and freedom above all else, allowing you to enjoy the travel format of your choice. So whether you prefer to meet our team at the end of each day at an agreed upon location, or prefer to follow them, you’ll be able to travel exactly the way you want.