Always wanted to visit Mongolia? This beautiful country is full of surprises! Have a look at some of our must-see sights.


Mongolia’s capital lies in the heart of the country and offers everything from beautiful monasteries to street markets and amazing local food. It’s often simply referred to as ‘UB’ by its population of 1.3 million residents and is found at around 1300 meters. Visit Gandan Monastery, which is the current residence of about 150 Buddhist monks, pick up a nice souvenir at Naran Tuul Market and finish your day with a night spent in a traditional yurt!

The Gobi Desert

When driving around in Mongolia, your tour isn’t complete without a visit to the famous Gobi Desert! This beautiful stretch of dunes and sand covers the south of Mongolia and offers incredible vistas as well as rare animals such as snow leopards and Bactrian camels. You’ll visit traditional villages and nomad camps along the way, learning more about the local cultures and meeting friendly locals. In the evenings you’ll trade in the bright sun for the most captivating night skies that offer the most amazing star views.

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

This incredible national park lies in the far west of the country, close to its borders with China and Kazakhstan. Its mountainous landscape and stretched plains will definitely leave an impression. It is still unspoiled by mass tourism, making it a great destination for those who seek to soak up a truly local experience. Go horseback riding, fishing and hiking through the incredible landscape of this national park.

Good to know

Visa requirements
Tourist visa
(valid for up to 30 days)
Official language
Currency used
Mongolian tugrug
Distance from The Netherlands
6,500 km
Best travel season
June - August
Tour options
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