Gambia & Senegal

The Gambia & Senegal

Since The Gambia is so rooted within Senegal it makes sense to combine the two when visiting this part of Africa. Discover their unique characteristics and culture during your visit! Below we’ve listed a few must-sees in both countries.


Banjul is the capital of The Gambia and located on the coast of the country. One thing you won’t want to miss during your visit here is experiencing Albert Market, a busy street market full of vendors selling everything from clothing to souvenirs and local treats. Also leave time for a visit to the Banjul Central Mosque, an impressive building in the centre of town. From there it’s only a 5-minute walk to Arch 22. Have a look around and then head up for a great view over the city. Just to note: unfortunately the upper terrace isn’t very accessible as you can only reach it by stairs.

Gambia River

This river forms the beating heart of The Gambia, running from the countries’ most eastern border to the Atlantic Ocean to the west. As it is the home of countless animal species, including hippos and crocodiles, you can definitely expect an adventurous day or two of wildlife spotting! Go for a tour that offers a boat ride, some of which include a night onboard! Follow the river inward with your 4×4 to visit some local villages for an authentic taste of this beautiful country.

Niokolo-Koba National Park

If you keep following the River Gambia, you’ll end up at this impressive national park in Senegal, the largest in the country. Niokolo-Koba National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site with several endangered species. Definitely pack your binoculars and camera so you can increase your chances of seeing and capturing the sight of some of its lions, water buffalos and perhaps even one of the few African leopards that live here! Bird watchers will also love this park thanks to the over 330 different bird species that have been spotted here.


Of course Dakar is famous for ‘The Dakar’, the annually hosted rally that starts in Paris and ends in this city, but Dakar has so much more to offer! From amazing beaches to impressive monuments and landmarks, Dakar has it all. It’s situated on the far west coast of Senegal and is surrounded by ocean on three sides. Definitely visit some of its sites along with its beaches, such as the grand African Renaissance Monument and Mosque of the Divinity.

Good to know

Visa requirements
EU citizens don't need a visa for either country
Official language
English (The Gambia)
French (Senegal)
Currency used
Gambian dalasi
CFA franc
Distance from The Netherlands
5,800 km
Best travel season
November - May
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