Discovering hidden gems close to home

As we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has become quite difficult. As such our tours had to be cancelled and we have been housebound for a couple of months. Now that the numbers have gotten a little better, we decided to stay close to home and explore Germany for a month or two. 

So here we are, in the middle of the German countryside. While many of you will likely have been to Germany already, as we have, these past few weeks we’ve been quite surprised at how versatile and beautiful this country actually is. For this trip we decided to instead of visiting major hotspots like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, discover what else Germany has to offer. Turns out, there’s a lot more to see and do here than shopping and going for city trips! For the past week or so we’ve been driving around a beautiful nature area found a couple of hours west of Frankfurt am Main, near Idar-Oberstein. 

Today we drove along a magnificant road past forests and country fields where we saw a deer crossing the road. We’ve also seen many next to the road and they’re really nice to watch. The amount of wildlife just goes to show how deep in the countryside we actually are here! There are also several wineries and vinyards in this area, offering organic red and white German wine. We stopped at a few local vinyards to buy some of this wine. Most don’t have any official shop or anything but are happy to sell a couple of bottles to whomever is interested. We ended up having a chat with one of the vinyard owners who was proudly selling his unique white wine. After stocking up we visited some small villages here that were full of traditional German architectural features. Some of the houses dated from the 15th century, very impressive.

In the next few days we’re planning on driving a bit further to the south to visit Heidelberg, a beautiful little town a couple of hours south of Frankfurt whose main feature is Heidelberger Schloss, dated from the Renaissance.

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