Dancing with the locals

We’ve almost arrived at our destination: Ghana. There we’ll meet some old friends and will take our time exploring the country and its capital Accra. With just shy of 1000 km between our final destination before turning back to Europe and where we are now, we’ve stopped at a local village called Sinfra.

After driving for a couple of hours on small, muddy roads, we’ve decided to spend the night in Sinfra. While driving in the town we asked a local hotel whether we could park on their compound, which they had no objections to. Everyone here is so welcoming and kind, it’s really amazing and heart warming to witness.

After settling in, word apparently got out among the locals that there were ‘foreign visitors’ and we were prompty invited to a whole extravaganza that evening. As we’re always in for a party, we happily accepted, not really knowing what to expect (which admittedly is often half the fun!). Soon after things started, our foreheads were painted with some red mud to bless our journey. Soon after many started a so-called prosperity dance with sticks and it wasn’t long before the alcoholic drinks were passed around and we were encouraged to participate in the dance. Now, of course we’re not exactly experts on the local dance moves, so after one of our tour guides got convinced to participate and joined in with some Western moves, the ladies couldn’t help but laugh so hard they ended in tears. Apparently this had never happened before in the village and was a huge success. We captured parts of the dance on camera, have a look below!

After this grand evening we decided to sleep in the next day and start preparing for driving to our next stop: Yamoussoukro. We’ll keep you posted on any more unexpected and utterly fantastic local experiences.

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